Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hello again...Its almost the new year!!!

this is The Lawsons
my cousins Jenny and Kevin
we are standing in front of a huge Glacier in glacier bay ,ALaska

this was JUlian and I on our Alaska Cruise in May. We went with the Lawsons and had a blast.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

APRIL is here where have I been for 5mths FACEBOOK

okay I am addicted to facebook and forgot about my blog but I will try to keep you up to date.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

update my computer is working!!!!

Wrestling has began. JJ has has two round robins 4 out of 6 are wins. 3 he pinned the kid. way to go little man. The girls have been doing good in school they are wanting to do sports soon. Luke is spoiled as ever with my parents and Auntie and Uncle probably because he sees them about four days a week.

I have been pretty busy myself, wrestling babysitting sick kids, and planning the Rodarte family holiday dinner.

Julian is having fun with JJ's wrestling this year. father son time.

more to come soon......Happy 6th Birthday JJ!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Where have i been!!!!!

Well that is just it, there is no excuse I am a facebook junkie. Here I go family updates..... Julian-has been working down in Shelton, what a drive. No hunting for him this year his choice. He pretty excised about JJ wrestling this year. Me- not much new with me just spending my days with Luke while kids are in school. I have bveen watching a little girl from church for extra cash. She is 7mths I have her 3 days a week. Other than that same old thing kids school chasing Luke clean house and cook all in a days work :). Selena-turned 10 this year. In the 4th grade this year doing great. She is actually in a 4th/5th split. She got her Wasl test results from last year and she did amazing reading 460/500 and math 550/550 she is so smart must get that from Grandpa Sand Sand. Natasha-turned 8 in july and is in 3rd grade. Doing awesome!!!!! Her reading has improved and likes her teacher this year which is a plus. JJ- has a birthday coming up and will turn 6yrs old. My little man started Kindergarden this year. Wrestling started this week and JJ is doing good. Last but not least MY Newborn Luke- I wish ihe is so big,turned 1 in August. Gets to spend his days with mommy. Actually he is nothing like the other kids he takes lonnng naps and when its bed time he decides gets sippy and blanket and waits at bottom of stairs to go to bed.
July thru September we had a house full my cousin Madalynn and her family was staying with us. They now live in Auburn and I sure miss Alex the newborn I was there when he was born so I get to be the favorite Auntie :). More to come next one not so long.